Febreze celebrates 25 years

Written on: April 24, 2023 by SprayTM

The Febreze brand of air freshening products from Procter & Gamble is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Launched in 1998 to address the problem of lingering cigarette smoke on clothes, Febreze has been on a mission to make every day smell “Fresh af” (Fresh as Febreze) for a quarter of a century — and fabric refresher was only the beginning. Febreze has rolled out a series of innovations to fight tough odors and enable consumers to scent style their homes nearly every year.

In 2004, Febreze entered the air freshening category with a novel nitrogen propellant. Then, in 2010, Febreze launched what’s now known as Small Spaces to eliminate odors and exude fresh scent in hard-to-reach places without an outlet for a plug-in. And in 2016, Febreze combined its odor-fighting power with the fresh laundry scent of Tide.

This year’s innovations come to their two “OG” Original Generation products — Febreze Fabric Refresher and Febreze Air. Febreze Fabric Refresher now features an upgraded formula proven to deliver odor fighting power with longer-lasting freshness, even hours after spraying, said the company. It is currently available in Gain Original, Gain Island Fresh, Extra Strength, and Downy April Fresh.

Febreze Air is getting an upgraded sprayer that creates a wider and finer spray pattern, enabling each spritz to stay in the air longer while increasing the fragrance’s longevity, said the company. This also comes with an upgrade to the product’s name: now Febreze Air Mist.

Both products and the entire Febreze portfolio remain family-, pet- and home-friendly. To learn more about Febreze and ensure your home is Fresh af, visit Febreze.com.