Five Spray Patterns in One Can: Rust-Oleum launches new spray paint technology

Written on: April 27, 2023 by SprayTM

Dial technology gives spray paint a major makeover

Rust-Oleum has launched its newest evolution, Custom Spray 5-in-1. The new spray paint technology empowers painters and allows them to confidently change spray patterns with a simple click of a dial.

The Custom Spray 5-in-1 gives do-it-yourselfers a choice of five different spray patterns, including fan sprays for larger surfaces and lower output sprays for detailed areas. According to the company, the new spray paint covers a wide, flat surface, a tangle of nooks and crannies—and anything in between—with less overspray, fewer runs and drips, less wasted paint and better results.

The dial-it-up paint has an advanced Stops Rust formula that provides 30% greater corrosion resistance and color retention, as compared to the original Stops Rust.

The five spray patterns include:

  1. High Output: This releases a higher volume of paint than Rust-Oleum’s standard spray. It can be used to coat large pieces and rounded edges faster and is suitable for projects such as skateboards, bookcases, desks and light fixtures.


  1. Standard: A classic spray, now with a twist. The traditional spray pattern makes for a comfortable application that works on a wide variety of DIY projects, such as lamps, vases, flower pots and birdhouses.


  1. Low Output: With less paint and more precision, Low Output sprays a lower volume of paint for more control when painting fine details, such as corners and edges. It helps prevent drips and overspray and can be used on door knockers, mailboxes, birdcages and metal railings.


  1. Vertical Fan: This offers even coverage on wide, long and flat surfaces. Consumers can spray side-to-side on large areas for a professional finish on porch swings, shelving, picture frames and chairs.


  1. Horizontal Fan: This tackles tall, flat surfaces with ease and can be sprayed up-and-down for even coverage and a professional finish on desks, chairs and picture frames.


“Custom Spray 5-in-1 was created after years of research and testing countless spray paint projects,” said Jeff Kistler, Executive VP, Product Management, Rust-Oleum.

“We listened to consumers who said they wanted more choice, control and creativity for their spray painting projects.”

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