Aero-Tech to represent Metro’s M400 aerosol gauge

Written on: July 19, 2023 by SprayTM

Aero-Tech Laboratory Equipment Company has announced it will be representing Metro as its North American distributor for aerosol measuring instruments. Metro manufactures precision gauging devices for many industries; as the North American distributor, Aero-Tech will offer the firm’s M400 and DP20 devices for aerosol cans.

The M400 aerosol measure and display has the following characteristics:

  • Crimp diameter (1)  
  • Crimp height (2)
  • Stem height (3)
  • Pedestal Height (4)
  • Pressure and vacuum in the can
  • Weight of the can

Its main features include a user-friendly 7″ touch screen, the ability for data export on SPC software, the storage of a high number of measurements, capability for different communication methods (such as Ethernet, Modbus TCPn RS232 or a  multifunctional footswitch), and delivery with a master and holder (certification traceable to N.I.S.T.).

The M400’s man-machine interface boasts different virtual keyboards (alphanumeric, numeric or with trigonometric functions) to allow the entry of part names, IP addresses or calculation formulas. A verification system is included to limit the risk of input errors. The entire configuration of the device is done via the touch screen with an icon desktop and virtual keyboard.

Additionally, the M400 can store up to 64 part references and up to 30,000 measurements of each. Saved data can be locally used for statistical analysis (SPC type). The following functions are available on M400:

  • Histograms with gauss curve line
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Run chart

In addition to the M400, Aero-Tech is distributing Metro’s DPC20 pressure measuring device for aerosol cans. Measurements given by the DPC20 complete the dimensional control feasible by the M400 aerosol. It is also possible to connect the DPC20 on a M400 aerosol to centralize the measure before a SPC analysis.

Features of the DPC20 include:

  • Touch screen
  • Data export on the PC driverless
  • GO/NOGO colored indicators
  • Measurement storage
  • Sinergy with the M400 aerosol
  • Easy to use, safe and robust
  • Measurements in BAR or PSI

The DPC 20 has been created to complement the dimensional measures by the M400 aerosol. When both devices are used on the same measuring bench, all the measurements are displayed on the M400 aerosol. Once the characteristics are set up correctly, the colored indicators allow to control a part within 10 seconds. This measuring bench allows a gain of time, and the results are independent of the operator. Furthermore, all the measurements can be transferred all by once to a computer for a SPC analysis and a metrological follow up.

With additional M-Bus RS232 port and scale, the weight of the can also be achieved.

For additional information, contact Aero-Tech Lab Equipment Co., LLC. at  870-420-3613.