Lighthouse for the Blind purchases Falcon Safety Products

Written on: November 2, 2023 by SprayTM

The Lighthouse for the Blind (LHB), a nonprofit organization based in St. Louis, MO, specializing in chemical manufacturing, filling and packaging, has successfully acquired the assets of Falcon Safety Products located in Branchburg, NJ. As part of this acquisition, LHB plans to establish two new facilities in Berkeley, MO, with the aim of expanding employment opportunities for individuals who are legally blind.

Falcon Safety Products is a manufacturer known for producing compressed-gas dusters and signal horns, including the Dust-Off brand of consumer electronics cleaning accessories. The company also has a strong presence in the marine and safety signal horns market. Its product line includes portable safety horns, as well as marine accessories such as Line-Master Mooring Snubbers, rigging tape and marine screen cleaner.

Eric Warnhoff, President & CEO of LHB, shared in a statement that the acquisition of Falcon Safety Products is a significant milestone for the Lighthouse.

“It will result in the creation of more than 30 job opportunities for visually impaired individuals in the St. Louis metropolitan area,” he noted.

“This development marks a momentous occasion for the Lighthouse and further builds upon the foundation we laid in 1986 when we began manufacturing aerosols in Berkeley, MO,” he added.

LHB has been dedicated to creating employment opportunities for individuals who are legally blind since 1933. Currently, the organization employs blind individuals at two manufacturing plants: a liquid and aerosol manufacturing plant, as well as a packaging and kitting facility. These facilities produce, fill, assemble and package over 300 products for commercial and government customers. Falcon Safety Products will now be part of LHB’s portfolio of commercial brands, including Quake Kare, Tear Mender, RapidFix and Badge Magic. The sales of these products will contribute to its “See the Future” Community Outreach Programs, which provide vital support and services for children and adults who are legally blind in Missouri.

Philip Lapin, President of Falcon Safety Products, said, “We are happy to have sold to a U.S.-based company with a charitable mission and manufacturing experience in our key categories.

“Members of our customer facing team will be aboard to help smooth the transition. We wish them well in their continuing mission to assist the visually impaired community,” Lapin noted.

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