Brazilian Aerosol Association announces new Board

Written on: November 7, 2023 by SprayTM

The Brazilian Aerosol Association (Associação Brasileira de Aerossóis e Saneates Domissanitários or ABAS) has announced a new Board of Directors to serve the Brazilian aerosol market for the next two years.


Alyne de Freitas Silva has been elected to continue in her role as President. Attila Almasy of Aercamp is the new first VP and Geisa Cividini Miksza of Aeroflex is second VP. Jorge Angel of Ball has been appointed Chairman of the Board.

Board members for the packaging sector are Lucio Xavier of Fareva and Rafael Alan Silveira of Beiersdorf Nivea, with Csilla Almasy of Aercamp named as an alternate. For the metal packaging division, the council includes Angel and Marcelo Jorcovix of JBS with Aislan Pereira of Trivium as an alternate.

For valves, the newly-elected Holders are Moacir Camargo of Lindal and Denis Cruz of Precision Valve; Douglas Kielwagen of Majesty is an alternate. In the propellents sector, Paulo Gordo of Copa Energia and Ingredi Tomadon of Ultragaz have been named Holders.

Flavio Roman has been elected as the Director of Special Events and Marcos Serafim is the Director of Technical Regulations.

“ABAS is completely reinventing itself to support and encourage the development of this giant aerosol market in Brazil,” said de Freitas Silva in a statement.

“For the 2024/2025 biennium, we gained strength and now there is new governance, 100% focus on the aerosol segment and many challenges ahead in our three pillars of strategic action: sustainability, government relations and training,” she concluded.