Samurai 2K Aerosol selected for Forbes Asia Under a Billion List

Written on: December 21, 2023 by SprayTM

Samurai 2K Aerosol Limited, aerosol solution specialist and manufacturer of automotive aerosol paints based in Singapore, has been included on the list of best 200 companies in Forbes Asia’s annual “Best Under a Billion Dollars Award” for 2021.

(L-R) Henry T. Sy Jr., Vice Chairperson of SM Investments Corporation; Ian Ong, Executive Director & CEO of Samurai 2K Aerosol Limited; and Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes Media.

The event for winners to receive the award was only just recently held in Manila, The Philippines, due to travel restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its annual survey, companies are scored based on several financial performance metrics and chosen from a list of 20,000 firms. This list recognizes the top 200 publicly listed companies in the Asia Pacific region with sales between USD $10 million to $1 billion.

The list, which is unranked, measures the long-term performance of companies based on full- year annual results, and firms are scored based on their track record in debt, sales, earnings per share growth and average returns on equity. Selection criteria included quantitative as well as qualitative factors. Companies with serious governance issues, questionable accounting, environmental concerns, management issues or legal troubles were excluded.

In its financial results for the six months ending Sept. 30, 2023, Samurai 2K recorded all-round improvement in its financials as compared with the same period last year. This was despite a challenging business environment dominated by international trade tensions, global geopolitics and general slowdown in global economies, according to the company.

One factor for the Samurai 2K’s inclusion in the list is its low leverage and financial discipline. Meanwhile, marketing footprints have been established in large markets of the U.S., UK and India for Samurai’s 2K Technology for aerosol paints. Additionally, new products and services based on proprietary technology are coming into the market soon, said the company. One of those is Tintatek, a color-matching and color-mixing technology that will launch Q1 of financial year 2025.

Samurai 2K has also added a new service: onsite professional spray painting where users are matched from a list of certified professional Samurai 2K aerosol painters on an online platform. Professional spray painting courses with certification recognized by the Malaysian government are also being conducted, presenting a new revenue stream.

Ian Ong Yoke En, Samurai 2K Aerosol Founder, Executive Director & CEO, stated, “We are a creator of long-term shareholder value and our strong commitment to R&D brings forth a continuous stream of innovative products.

“At the same time, our complete digital transformation enables us to achieve scalability and economies of scale, and to move with great speed and efficiency to capture new business opportunities in the e-commerce world where geographical borders do not exist,” he added.