CleanPak Joins UK Recycling Initiative

Written on: December 26, 2023 by SprayTM

CleanPak has joined the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative. Spearheaded by Alupro, the aluminum packaging recycling organization, the program was founded to raise awareness of and increase aerosol recycling in the UK.

Part of Hull-based environmental services specialist Clean Eco Group, CleanPak uses state-of-the-art technology to dispose of both full and empty aerosol cans. The plastic and metal components are separated for recycling, while any residual gas and liquids are turned into fuel.

Launched in September 2022, the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative is working towards the goal of achieving a 50% aerosol recycling rate by 2030. Alongside improving consumer education and establishing an accurate baseline recycling rate, the group collaborated to launch a roadmap to guide a national uplift in collection and reprocessing volumes in order to achieve its ambition.

David Roebuck, Founder & Executive Officer at Clean Eco Group, stated, “We’re thrilled to have joined the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative—a hugely important movement for the industry.”

“Alongside increasing education and data transparency, it aims to identify and implement vital improvements throughout the value chain to increase recycling rates,” Roebuck added.

Tom Giddings, Executive Director at Alupro, shared, “As a leading player in the aerosol recycling sector, the involvement of CleanPak will prove invaluable to the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative as we continue to expand our activities nationwide.

Giddings added that CleanPak’s knowledge will enable the UK Recycling Initiative to take significant strides towards its goal of achieving a 50% aerosol recycling rate by 2030. “The initiative is continuing to gain significant momentum—we’re looking to make important progress and we’re excited to work alongside our partners to maximize the recycling rate of aluminum packaging.”

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