Zevo On-Body Repellent teams up with American Hiking Society

Written on: May 9, 2024 by SprayTM

In a new collaboration with American Hiking Society (AHS), Zevo On-Body, from Procter & Gamble, will provide its On-Body Mosquito + Tick Repellent pump spray at select trail sites on June 1 for AHS’s 32nd Annual National Trails Day to provide 8-hour odorless, non-sticky, feel-good protection.

While grassy and wooded areas can be peaceful places to hike, they are also one of the places that bugs love most. Zevo On-Body helps outdoor lovers prepare for inevitable itchy and annoying bug bites that come with the territory. Zevo’s active ingredient, IR3535, is inspired by a naturally occurring amino acid, which effectively blocks mosquito and tick receptors.

“Zevo was drawn to AHS and their desire for a world where everyone has access to the great outdoors, feeling a sense of belonging within the hiking community,” said Chetan Parekh, VP & General Manager of Zevo.

“We believe that bugs shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the things they love and we’re inspired by the outdoor enthusiasts’ passion for giving back. That’s why we are so glad to help them prepare for this important day with Zevo,” Parekh added.

National Trails Day is a celebration where thousands of hiking and outdoor enthusiasts across the nation gather in their communities to serve and protect the natural spaces around them.

“AHS is proud to have Zevo support our hikers this year for our nationwide day of service,” said Heather Klein Olson, the organization’s Executive Director.

“National Trails Day participants are fueled by a common appreciation for hiking and the outdoors, and now they can rest assured their experience on the trails will be comfortable with Zevo on-hand as a strong defense against mosquitoes and ticks.”

For more information on Zevo visit ZevoInsect.com. To learn about AHS and register for National Trails Day events in your community, visit AmericanHiking.org or NationalTrailsDay.org.